WEEK 5 – Let’s sketch

When the designer does a project, the sketching is a vital role in the process of the design. It has four stages, including research, idea generation, concept development and concept proposal.

Firstly, anatomy of sketch is basic ability for a designer, and these images information should help other members or users, companies to understand that how to use the product. So, many important elements play a decisive role in the drawing, such as, lines, arrows, hands, people, words and interaction. So, we did a lot of practices in the class at Monday.

Then, the tutor gave some interesting toys and tools to us, and we need to draw some images about how to use it.

WEEK 5 – Class activity1 WEEK 5 – Class activity2 WEEK 5 – Class activity3 WEEK 5 – Class activity4

Finally, the tutor gave us the second task that is visualising ideas and concepts. And I chose my problem, which is introducing the planet earth to alien race. I need to produce more than 25 ideas that might from the basis for a solution to my problem scenario. And I rapidly produced sketches about these ideas on A3 sheets. I am going to post the details later.


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