WEEK6 – Class activity – User Experience and Wireframes workshop

This week, firstly, we focused on a design process that designer considered User experience. And the elements of User Experience has five points. Then, we were learned that what is wireframe.

User Experience has five steps:

  1. Start with User Needs & Site objectives
  2. Functional specifications & Content requirements
  3. Interaction design & Information Architecture
  4. Interface design & Navigation design & Information design
  5. Visual design

In the web design, the visual design is the last step, and it is also a vital element in User Experience, which is key value for a design project. So as a designer, we should fully consider basic problems, such as user’s habits and needs, and do the project step by step.

And then, tutor Andy gave us a workshop activity — sketching and wireframing. In our group, we design an app for a web-based version of Wired (UK) magazine. We did the Ipad version on paper. And this is the best idea in our group, by Zoey. Finally, we used the Balsamiq (www.balsamiq.com) to set up a web demo on the computer. It is a very useful and convenient online design tool.

WEEK6 – Class activity – User Experience and Wireframes workshop1 WEEK6 – Class activity – User Experience and Wireframes workshop2


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