WEEK45 – FMP12 – Report and Video

Research question: How can communication design educate 25 to 35 year old female about the benefits of Chinese green tea and encourage more people to accept Chinese green tea?

In this report, I will briefly explain my GREEN WITH ENVY project. I have developed one of Chinese tea, which is green tea, because the “A GREEN PACKET FOR YOU” is the most meaningful and interesting one of my previous ideas.

Actually, my original research question is that growing a Chinese green tea brand in popularity among consumers and become a global brand in the British market.

Hence, I decided to develop Chinese green tea. According to my primary research, some of people who live in Winchester usually drink British black tea with milk and sugar. However, according to research questionnaire two, 67.35% people didn’t know that the disadvantages of black tea. Moreover, 63.27% people didn’t know that drink green tea could avoid these disadvantages. According to Health Benefits Derived from Green Tea (2015), drinking green tea has more benefits than black tea. Therefore, I developed and changed my research question and target group. Now, my project has two parts: the benefit of Chinese green tea and encourage more people willing to try or accept Chinese green tea.

After that, I decided to organize a campaign. Because I found an interesting tea brand called BOH TEA (2015). This brand designed a funny teabag for tea drinker. As Aaker (2012) said, who is a brand leadership, campaign is useful for developing brand. Therefore, I got a key point from this brand that is I wanted to design a meaningful teabag packet and DIY campaign for people.

According to research from my interview and the test of Chinese green tea taste, 60% people think Chinese green tea is nice and fresh, and they are willing to participate in my DIY campaign. The purpose of the DIY campaign is that through a variety of origami making tea packaging, people can write or draw stories on the packet, which you can. In fact, I found that organizing DIY campaign is not easy for me. Because I don’t have an official website to show the details of the campaign. So, maybe the propaganda is not enough.

And then, I designed packet for teabag. I related Chinese traditional writing communication way with fortune cookies as my main idea. I studied origami making the style of envelope teabag packet. And then, I wrote a lucky note on the little paper, putting this on the teabag packet. In the process of design, I tried more different shapes of envelopes. However, this way is the easiest way to open it and the concept is smaller as fortune cookies. Finally, I did test for this packet in our preview exhibition, and some students like this idea and they wanted to learn how to make this packet.

About my final outcomes, those are Chinese green tea teabag packets, three posters, a booklet, the video of campaign, and An APP. In all of my outcomes, campaign video is a complex part. Because this project is not a group project, I didn’t have enough people help me prepare tools, shoot the video or take photos. If I have enough time and money, I will do more campaigns for my project, such as visiting Chinese tea farm and watching Chinese tea documentary.

To sum up, my project is to help target group people know the benefit of Chinese green tea and hope they can like it with an interesting teabag packet or DIY campaign. In the whole process, I learned how to complete a big project step by step by myself. And I consider communicate with my group member is an important point, because we can share our ideas and they can give me lots of suggestions. End of my FMP, I think this is a fantastic experience in my study life.


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WEEK 44 – FMP11 – Develop artwork & organize DIY campaign

At this week, I designed icon for the benefit of green tea. I will put these images on the teabag packet. Tea drinkers can pay attention these information on the packet.

I choose 6 option about benefit of Chinese green tea.

  1. Improves dental health
  2. Good for weight loss
  3. Lower risk of various types of cancer
  4. Good for skincare
  5. Lower risk of cardiovascular disease
  6. Good for your mind

QQ20150818-1@2x QQ20150818-2@2x QQ20150818-3@2x QQ20150818-4@2x QQ20150818-5@2x QQ20150818-6@2x

I related Chinese traditional writing communication way with fortune cookies as my main idea. I studied origami making the style of envelope teabag packet. And then, I written a lucky note on the little paper, putting this on the teabag packet.

When you open the teabag, you can see lucky note, and drinking Chinese green tea. It can bring you a wonderful day.


These photos show the details of teabag packet. I shoot video for this process.

IMG_2807 IMG_2805

IMG_2808 IMG_2816

This is tea package design, my idea is people can use this package to record your mood. You can use green pen to record data.




This purpose of the DIY campaign is that through a variety of origami making tea packaging, people can write or draw stories on the packet, which you can. I just posted a poster and information on my Twitter and blog.



And now, I use Adobe PR to edit the campaign video.


WEEK 43 – FMP10 – Develop FMP & Visit show

At this week, I designed three posters about Chinese green tea. The key word is SHARE, HEALTH, FRESH. Now, I show three posters. I use Chinese word to design these posters and I use AI to draw the picture, showing these three key words.

These three words came from my primary research, about 67.8% people used these words to describe Chinese green tea.

poster AA2 poster AA2 poster AA2

And then, I decided my project logo.


Camberwell Postgraduate Summer Show 2015

I haven been visited the Camberwell College of Arts London at last week with Tina and in order to see the Master Degree show and also get some inspiration for my final exhibition.

This show has 5 parts:

MA Visual Arts: Book Arts

MA Visual Arts: Designer Maker

MA Visual Arts: Fine Art Digital

MA Visual Arts: Illustration

MA Visual Arts: Printmaking

IMG_2235 IMG_2236

IMG_2255 IMG_2264

IMG_2266 IMG_2267 IMG_2268


This week, I started my project design. Firstly, I designed my project logo.

LOGO sketches.


Idea 1: I used the tea leaf as main shape to design the logo.


Idea 2: Used the Chinese word, “Tea” in Chinese is “茶“.

With the developing, I decided use idea 2 to design me logo. And then, I developed it on screen.

logo blog

Now, I will explain this logo’s meaning.

C = Chinese “C”

the circle = together

“茶” = Tea

And last one element is tea leaf

In my view, my project main purpose is that make more people know and like Chinese green tea. Green tea is one of culture in China. So, I used the Chinese word “茶” to design the logo.

However, in my project, I didn’t design the brand VI.

I designed my icon for FMP.


WEEK41 – FMP8 – Presentation and good case study

At the Monday, we did presentation about final major project in our group. We showed the research question, a part of ideas, and the plan of outcomes.

QQ20150817-7@2x QQ20150817-8@2x

My final research question is that How can communication design educate 25 to 35 female about the benefits of Chinese green tea and encourage more people to accept Chinese green tea?

According to my research, 38% young people just drink green tea at Chinese restaurant. And they never buy it by themselves. And another reason is that Chinese green tea is a Chinese local drink, it same as other traditional brand in China, such as, SHANGHAI TANG scarves, and TsingTao beer. Therefore, I want to develop Chinese green tea in UK market, make more people know it and willing to try it. Moreover, according my research, most of british people like drink black tea, however, there are some disadvantage of black tea. If you drink the green tea, and then, you can avoid these drawbacks. That is my project aim. Make 25 to 35 year old female know Chinese green tea is good for their healthy.

QQ20150817-9@2x QQ20150817-10@2x

This page showed the benefit of Chinese green tea. I chose 6 points to design my teabag packet.


The plan of my project outcomes.

I will show 5 items about my project.

  1. Chinese green tea poster *3
  2. Tea packet design
  3. A booklet
  4. Organize a campaign
  5. One more min video about campaign
  6. An APP


A good case study

Print hd_059dee206d2815c1b089b060c7eae706

Each tea bag is printed with edible tea ink that produces a cup of chamomile tea when immersed in boiling hot water.

As the tea brews, a more calming image is revealed.

What a brilliant way to stop and take a moment from your stressed state of mind, make a cup or tea, and enjoy the visual transformation of your tea bag which will probably also give you enough time to help ease some of your stress.



WEEK 40 – FMP7 – Workshop2 and Ideation

This week, we had workshop2 on Wednesday with Andy. The purpose of the workshop is helping us with the 500 words reflective writing. And we did 100 words on the class.

Reflective writing is used to analyze and examine an event, memory, or observation. The writer reflects on the meaning and impact of the occasion. [1]

In terms our FMP reflects writing, it is looking back at our final major project. We can use many ways to record the process of project. For example, reflect diary, journal, plan sketch notes, and digital journal. We can try different ways to show our the process of FMP.

Moreover, I thought three ideas for my project. Now, I show some details.

Idea one


I want to use Chinese traditional game to show the information about Chinese green tea. Tea drinker can play this game, and design the interesting pattern. This pattern stand for their own understanding about benefit point. However, the problem is that this idea maybe not suit for 25 to 35 year old female. Maybe it is a little boring.

Idea two


About this idea, I want to design a packet. This packet just like letter. Because writing the letter is a traditional way to communication in ancient China. At that time, we didn’t have internet, we just used this way to connect with our friends and family. Until now, this way also keep. People can use postcard to connect old friends and communication.

So, I think it is a good way to show Chinese tea. Because Chinese green tea is traditional drink. Tea is deeply woven into the history and culture of China.


Yourdictionary. (2015). What is reflective writing Retrieved July 01, 2015 from http://grammar.yourdictionary.com/for-students-and-parents/what-is-reflective-writing.html

WEEK 39 – FMP6 – The result of questionnaire one & two

At this week, I collected my questionnaire and analyzed these data. There are about 50 people did questionnaire online, because I posted it on my Twitter and blog. And I has been to three CAFE rooms at Winchester, found 10 tea drinkers to do this questionnaire. I choose two more representative people, and then, I interviewed them and did two persona.


According to the questionnaire, 80% tea drinkers like drinking Chinese green tea, therefore, I think a part of people can accept Chinese green tea.

QQ20150817-3@2x QQ20150817-4@2x

As shown in figure mentioned, 12.34% of people didn’t know what’s benefit about green tea, and a lot of people just know one of the benefits of Chinese green tea. So, I believe I can design cards or picture that show these benefits on the artwork.


Actually, my main idea is that I organized a campaign about green tea. I want to use the way of Chinese traditional communication to organized this campaign. For example, playing games, drawing picture by tea, watching tea movie, and just drinking Chinese green tea. According to this data, most of people willing to join in my campaign or activity.


Finally, I already designed the poster of campaign. My project title is GREEN WITH ENVY. Why I chose this name? Because I want to make people try Chinese green tea. It good for healthy. And an other reason is that Chinese green tea is famous and traditional drink in China. It is a culture, and it created in China. That is important!

One of persona

green tea

WEEK 38 – FMP5 – Questionnaire Two and Chinese green tea taste test

This week, I did one more questionnaire for my project, and this purpose of the questionnaire is that in-depth understanding more tea drinkers that really know the advantages and disadvantages of tea. And I will find the result of questionnaire and I will find the problems. Moreover, I want to organize a campaign and promote Chinese green tea in order to people willing to accept it.

This is website (https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/PGBRX3Y) about questionnaire two, if you are interesting in Chinese green tea, you can do this, thank you.


  1. Do you drink black tea?
  2. How many cups of tea do you drink within a day?
  3. What is the purpose of you drinking black tea?
  4. What are the disadvantages of black tea do you know?
  5. you drink green tea, and then, you can avoid these disadvantages of black tea?
  6. Do you drink green tea?
  7. Do you like Chinese green tea?
  8. What are the benefits of Chinese green tea do you know?
  9. Do you know Chinese tea brand?
  10. If the UK market will has a new brand of Chinese green tea in near future, do you willing to accept it?
  11. If we have some interesting campaigns about tea brand, do you want to participate in us?


And then, I had gone Southampton city center to do Chinese green tea taste test. I prepared two cups of tea that are British black green and Chinese green tea. I found six people to try drink and they given my some feedbacks. And I recorded the process of test with video. I will show it at final video.


According to video record, about 80% people think the taste of Chinese green tea better than black tea. And they said Chinese green tea taste more fresh and they also willing to participate in my project campaign.

DSC_1041 QQ20150807-2@2x

QQ20150807-1@2x QQ2015sads0807-2@2x

QQ201sad50807-1@2x QQ20150807-3@2x


WEEK 37 – FMP4 – A good case study and many good teabag packets design

This week, I found a lot of example for teabag design and a meaningful tea brand.

I think this is a good case study. This tea brand called XIEXIE from Taiwan, China.


QQ20150610-7@2x QQ20150610-6@2x

What does XIE XIE mean?

In Mandarin , XIE XIE means “Thank you”. But XIE XIE is also the tea of excellence from the house of madam HSIEH. Tea of traditional origin, it is above all the contemporary tea of the young generation, tea which can be easily associated with very different ways of life. XIE XIE is the tea for the best moments in life. Easy to prepare, it requires no complicated rituals to show that there is nothing complicated in obtaining the very best of teas. It offers a simply modern way of drinking tea. With XIE XIE, enjoying a cup makes every moment of the day unique, a pure moment of pleasure and stimulant for your senses. Actually, XIEXIE already go though the European market.
QQ20150610-9@2x QQ20150610-10@2x
The tea culture has its roots in ancient and elegant China, full of mysteries and mellow atmosphere. XIE XIE tea has the aim of contributing to donate one happy lifestyle to consumers, thanks to the fusion of tradition and innovation, of East and West.
There are many good teabag packets.
Design one:
Designed by Tea Smile. The package is designed for cold brewed tea bags, which are immersed in cold water and mainly consumed during summer. Use long rectangular shaped tea bags, allowing consumers easily drop into or take out from PET water bottles. This idea originates from the “ice flake”. See the ice flake on the outer surface, opening the box, people can see the ice berg standing inside.
Design Two:
The package is hand made, using letterpress, silkscreen and stamping techniques and then hand assembles including the origami tea bags. I like the detail of packet, make me feeling freedom.
Design Three:
Student spotlight: Chee Teachee Tea
This is a tea collection containing a tangram snacks. The special feature of the product is the tangram shaped package. The tangram is Chinese traditional puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes which are put together to from a shape. I think this package are suit for family tea drinkers, because children can play this gram with each other, and it help for developing their mind.


WEEK 36 – FMP3 – Tea market in the United Kingdom (UK)

Sales value of tea in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2014, by category (in million GBP)

This statistic shows the total sales value of tea in the United Kingdom (UK) as reported in 2014, split by category: standard tea, green tea and fruit and herbal teas. At that time, standard tea was worth 495 million British pounds in the UK. Fruit and herbal teas were worth 65 million British pounds and Green Tea 30 million British pounds.


According to TEA IN THE UNITED KINGDOM article, Tea shops have started popping up in response to the large number of coffee shops opening across the Western world. They offer the same cool vibe while also providing a vast myriad of selections to the developing group of tea connoisseurs within the UK. With per capita consumption of black standard tea slowly but steadily declining, people are moving away from traditional black standard tea and changing to black specialty tea, green tea and fruit/herbal tea.

(ref: http://www.euromonitor.com/tea-in-the-united-kingdom/report)

So, the green tea have a great develop space in the United Kingdom Market.